About us

6S™️ Cigars springs from the shared enthusiasm of two friends united by a passion for not just indulging in exceptional cigars but also crafting them. A weekly ritual of social gatherings and endless discussions about the dream of sourcing tobacco from local farmers planted the seed for our very own cigar brand. After years of anticipation, that day arrived, and 6S™️ Cigars came to life—a testament to the enduring camaraderie and the realization of a shared vision.


CEO / Founder

Cigar Enthusiast Officer

Born and raised native of sunny South Florida. Passionate about the outdoors, especially boating, fishing, and diving. Love cooking, traveling, music and my stogies. Whether I’m smoking a cigar or not my palate always invites a good glass of wine or whiskey. Married my best friend and have been together since our teenage years. Have been in business for myself most of my life from real estate, automotive to manufacturing. Semi-retired always looking for my next adventure.

What the cigar experience means to me:

Smoking a cigar means success and enjoying the finer things, but most importantly it means that we all made it one more day to enjoy life and be thankful. Cigars are my meditation escape. Every moment I light up it takes me to a very special place of relaxation and comfort from the daily grind. I also enjoy lighting up amongst others to share experiences, meet people, and have some fun. It’s always a great conversation piece. So, whether I’m chilling poolside, on my boat fishing or at home cooking out with family and friends I light up it to show my appreciation for my surroundings.

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President / Founder

Cigar Aficionado Officer

Resident of South Florida for over 35 years. Born in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. My career focus includes successfully developing logistics operations in the US and Puerto Rico. Happily married high school sweetheart and have three wonderful children. Passionate about creating experiences that turn into treasured family traditions. An avid horse rider, training and owning horses since childhood. Enjoy fishing during hot Florida summer days, riding my Harley in the afternoons when the heat subsides, and taking the time to enjoy a great cigar!

What the cigar experience means to me:

In a world where we rush through most experiences, often overlooking the essence of everyday interactions, cigar smoking forces us to slow down the pace. To enjoy each stage of the cigar, its essence and flavor, and the unique characteristics unfolding from start to finish without shortcuts. Little by little, you release the stress of the day through each puff. A successful experience is the ability to bring people together to share time that is stress free, enjoyable, without expectations or judgement. Easy, with a common understanding we are all in this crazy world together, navigating through as best we can, and making sure to pause from time to time to enjoy the ride. Speaking of riding, I passionately enjoy the time spent riding my Harley motorcycle. Like how I enjoy smoking cigars, riding inspires the sensation of a slower but powerful experience, full of depth and body. True success exists in the ability to live life to its fullest, finding enjoyment in each stage.

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